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Ipod shades

I got my Aqua colored ipod shade today. Alex's too because of the buy one get one free sale. I have to say that it is very pretty. The only problem is the scroll wheel. I can't seem to get it going fast and sometimes it dose not even respond at all. I don't think it is the skin as much as it is me being inept at it. My sister could use the wheel just fine with out any difficulties. I wonder what is wrong with my fingers. Hopefully I'll get use to it. I read some review and they said that it will get better in time. Did you have problems with your scroll wheel Jenna?

I just got a lot of new music from the library now that I have a lot of space to fill up. One thing that I got was the producers sound track, the music is so funny.

random quote: "If Barbie is so popular then why do you have to buy all of her friends."

Please don't bother to read what is written below.

I always think that I have to look at the key board to type. I find that if I type while not looking at it while not thinking about what I am doing I have little problem. Except that I all ways press V instead of B. And if you are wondering, the only reason that I am typing this is to practice not looking at the key board. I'm going to need to work on this some if I want to get better, but I already notice that I am pressing the back space button a lot less. I am still having problems with the c, v, and b though. I hope that you are not still reading this. I'm not going to say any more that what I have already typed. "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country." I have not idea what that just was by my mom told me to type it. I think that now is a good time to stop this rant.
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New Ipod?

So, I have run out of space on my current 4GB Ipod nano and I was thinking about replacing it. I want the the ability to play videos so I can starts watching more Anime. The problem is I'm not sure what ipod to get. I like the new nano, yet there is still somthing attractive about the larger, more classic video ipod. I don't want to get a touch because they only have a battery life of about 2 hours. What do you suggest I get?
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Johari + more

My Johari
This is an fun Idea. Its from the same site that does this...lol
I get nervous Answering questions like this about people. I get stuck on what to answer because there are so many different options and I want to choose what is most accurate, at the same time I don't want to be offensive. Well, have fun filling out mine

I enjoyed reading Alex, Jarann, and Jenna's stories about acting like your nano characters. I read Jarann's first before i knew what was going on. It was funny seeing the different versions of the same story and what everyone was thinking at the time. I started thinking about what character I would try to act like. Fluffy would be easy because she is like me but slightly more animated. Raiu would be harder because he is bolder and rude sometimes...I don't think I could make myself act weird in a normal classroom situation. I could with friends though.

Dream Time! I'll start from where I remember. I was going to a spa and I was greeted by two ladies who said that there spa was better than another one because they did what I wanted...or something like that. They took me to a room with a hot tub in it, and when I got in they turned it on and left. The tub was small and the water was not hot enough. It was warm, but it only left me feeling a desire for more heat. It was really annoying so I started looking out the window to pass time. There were small dark clouds swirling around in the sky without much direction. It was really creepy looking. Soon I was no longer in the room, but in my backyard looking at my neighbors house. The squirrels were behaving weirdly and there were a lot of birds flying around. A fat brown bird landed in front of me and it looked at a small rotting gray dead bird. Then the fat bird sucked the insides out of the dead bird and left the skin. The squirrels were running under my chair (which was the hot tub at one point) and a white rabbit sat on my left staring at me motionlessly.
I thought that these were signs that something bad was about to happen so I went to warn people in my house. Soon I heard sirens out side and I left the house to go check. There was snow on the ground, but I went out bare foot. I followed my dad towards the direction on the sirens while pondering why the cold did not effect my feet. I figured it was because my feet are messed up. When we got to the house, the ambulance were setting up a giant bed from the truck and more people were going into the house with a stretcher. Nothing else happened so I left. I was following a path along a ledge. The snow was gone and the path was pretty. When I looked down the ledge there was a train station, and I probably could have jumped on the roof if I wanted too.
That is were I start to forget what happens.

I was practicing the tea ceremony today with random items.
chawan & kensui = bowls
chashaku = butter knife
chakin = tissue
fukusa = napkin
chasen = lotion tube
futaoki = shot glass (lol)
mizusashi = thermos cup
hishaku = gravy ladle
kama = tea pot

It was fun, a lot better than doing an invisible tea ceremony.

I'm too lazy to proof read this so enjoy my typos.


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Code Geass

After I checked the website and found that school was closed I went on another Code Geass watching spree. I started at 17 and finished the series. My opinion out Lelouch changed so much. It first it was "he's cool and everything, but is he really doing the right thing?" then he kept lying to everyone and I got pissed off at him. Then he had to go and become an even bigger ass and become the emperor and stabbed everyone in the back. But then the ending came and now I greatly respect him. I had no Idea that was what he was planning. The ending was great, I don't think there was a better way for it to end. I admit I cried a little... Lelouch and Suzaku are amazing!

Besides the uncountable number of gaping plot holes, Code Geass is one of my favorite animes.

I choose to believe that Lelouch is alive. I have read a lot of arguments and the facts point towards lulu being alive. I came across this

This is fan made right? It's convincing.

Orange-kun picking oranges and dramatically wiping the sweat of his brow made me lol so hard. I think that was what made the tears come...

Sorry for the Code Geass rant. Time to watch honey and clover!
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Being put to sleep is a weird experience. The nurses instantly game me laughing gas. I under why it is called that because I did feel the urge to laugh. I held it back though. I was hooked up to heart monitors and the game me an ivy to put me to sleep. In less then a minute I was asleep. The next thing I remember was them telling me that they were going to replace the gauze in my mouth for some small gauze, then they instantly stood me up and took me out of the operating room. It all happened so fast O_o. At first when I was home my mouth was bleeding a lot, but I'm not allowed to spit normally because it can hurt recovery. My mouth, tongue, and chin were completely numb and it was a really weird experience trying to drink like that. Plus they hurt as they became un-numb. I ate some ice cream, yogurt, sprit. Then my mom fixed me some eggs with I did not want to finish, so I sat down for a bit. Then I suddenly felt nauseous and barley made it to the bathroom. There went all my food. I think is was because of all the blood I swallowed. Now I'm chowing down on cheeze-its.
Its not hurting to badly right now and its not bleeding as much.
If any of you want to come visit me, I would love that <3

That is all
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This will be a horrible weekend

A few days when I was playing video game in the basement my mom game down and informed me that I was getting all four Wisdom teeth taken out on Friday. Huzah! She tells me that I am going to be drugged and in a twilight state where I'm not totally asleep. Apparently I will still be able to respond to what they are saying, but I will not remember it when it is all done. That bothers me a lot. I would much rather be put fully to sleep. So then the rest of the weekend I'm going to be drugged on pain medication. Basically its going to suck. The good side is that my mom will not make me do anything and I can be lazy as much as I want.

Yesterday, when I came home from school I sat at my computer and watched episode 17-25 of code geass. I kept telling myself "this is the last one," but it would always be a cliff hanger and I would be tempted to move on. I feel sorry for people who watched it as it came out. The end of Season one had me screaming at the computer.  Then the first episode of Season two was all like...lalalala I'm a happy school boy who goes out gambling with this brother that I never had it season one. Where the heck did the brother come from! WTF! I'm sure that will be answered in a few episodes, but still. So yah, is this where the train wreck starts, or has that not happened yet? Please no spoiling.
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Annoying number pattern

My dad got this from a friend at work. He then gave it to my family at dinner. I spent my meal eating spaghetti and running numbers through my head. I spent the whole time coming up with various patterns, only to have them destroyed by one stupid number. Finally, after I had just about given up, I figured it out! Here is the annoying pattern to make your brains hurt.


Try it. I know it will drive you crazy until you do. (:

I might post the answer in a few days if you honestly try.


Anyway. The time to study for finals has come. I spent about 3 hours studying physics today. A whole hour of the three was spent doing two Honkin' Practice Problems. I really hope that there is not too many problems on the test or else I will really be hurting on time. Besides studying, I beat Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories today. I started playing Pychonauts last night. No real opinion of it yet besides a lot of the side characters are really ugly.